Enjoy Your Instagram Tips

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Turning your instagram into a low cost lead generating machine in San Luis Obispo


Setting up your account

How to properly set up your account to attract, retain, and convert your followers into paying customers


  • Make sure your profile picture is a logo with no text (aka, a defined profile picture)

  • Set up your account as an Instagram business account to allow you to track analytics

  • Create a bio that defines what your business does or sells

  • Having a link to your website 

  • Make highlights that represent your business (ie, meet the team, events, testimonials, etc.)

  • Have a genuine welcome message that you custom tailor to each new follower you get


Setting up your Content Schedule

Create a content schedule around three types of content that represent your business. There needs to be a balance in your posting schedule. Do not post offer content frequently, instead, give value to your audience by posting goodwill content and keep them interested in your business by posting lifestyle content. An example would be making 3 lifestyle post per week, 3 goodwill posts, and 1 offer post. This kind of templating is how you can create a predictable content scheme for whoever is managing your social media accounts. 


  1. Goodwill Content: This is content that offers value to your audience for free to educate and remind your followers. 

    • (i.e., Being eco-friendly, shopping local for ingredients, SIP Certified, and more).

  2. Lifestyle Content: This content is the personality behind your business and what makes your business tick. 

    • (i.e., behind the scenes of the team, day to day at the restaurant/shop, community interaction, and more)

  3. Offer Content:This content is where you offer your services or talk in more detail about what your business sells.

    • (i.e., specials, food & drinks, services, “offers”)


Stories: Post a story in the morning with an engagement tool. This can be a poll, swipe, questions, etc…

  • Post stories as often as possible to keep your page at the top of other accounts story feed. Every three hours is optimal.


Setting up your Engagement Activities

Use this two part system to be active in the community on Instagram.


Part 1: Listening 

Listening: As your scrolling through local businesses look for what's coming up in the community. Follow local event hashtags or accounts that are actively hosting events that hold a local audience.


Part 2: Engaging

Engaging: Comment on the posts of people you follow and those who you don't follow but make sure your comments are stimulating the conversation that those people are trying to start with their content. 


Types of Engagement

  • Like, comment, save, DM, respond to stories, share posts, share stories, tag people.

  • Add comments that draw attention to yourself and also position yourself as knowledgeable or that you genuinely care