User FAQ

How do I claim a deal?

To claim a deal, you must be within range of the geo-location of the spot that the deal is pinned at. Deals that are within range will appear as green, while deals that are out of range will appear as red. When you find a deal at your respective location that you would like to claim, simply click on the deal's pin, and select 'claim'. Your deal will be added to your 'deals' tab for you to easily access when you wish to redeem! Here's a video for more context:

How do I redeem a deal?

In order to redeem a deal, you must present your deal on your mobile device to the cashier/merchant when you check out. They will confirm that the deal is redeemed by clicking the 'redeem' button on your screen, since each deal is good for a one-time use only. Here's a video for more context:

How long do I have until my deals expire?

Some deals have longer expiration dates than others, and these expiration dates will appear next to the deal in your deals tab. The lifespan of a claimed deal ranges anywhere from ___ to ____ days. The countdown for expiration begins when you click 'claim' deal, so be sure to use it up before it disappears from your deals tab!

I'm at the location of the deal I want to claim, but it's not allowing me to claim the deal.

If you are having trouble gaining access to a deal, consider moving closer to the deal as it appears in relation to you on the app's map. Your location appears as a blue circle icon, so try and get the circle as close to the deal as you can to be in range of it! Still having trouble? If you are unable to claim a deal at your respective location, contact us for support so we can honor your deal.

Why am I not on the map?

To use the Kick-it Points app, you have to go into your settings, scroll down to the Kick-it Points app, and change the location accessibility setting to 'while using'. This allows your location to be tracked while using the app, which is how the app recognizes if you are within range of claiming a deal.

What is Kick-it Points and how does it work?

Kick-it Points is a Real World Social app that encourages locals to engage in prosocial behavior. How it works is that we reward users with deals from local businesses when they engage in behaviors like hiking, going to the beach, attending the local Farmers' Market, and pretty much anything else that requires people to be social in the "real world".

Thus, a local business in town can locate their deal, which can be a discount on a product or service that they sell, at a location like a local beach, a nearby college campus, or even at the very location of your business. The caveat is that users can only get this deal if they physically go to those locations. Once there, they claim the deal, and saves it to their phone ready to be redeemed thereafter.

In order for the users to redeem this deal, they need only head over to the business offering it and show their phone with the deal on it to one of the server/cashiers.