Merchant FAQ

How much does it cost to be a Merchant?

It's FREE to get your business featured on Kick-it Points.

Are there hidden fees?

None whatsoever. We may reach out to you here and there with opportunities to get you added exposure through our network, but these endeavors are optional.

How do I sign up?

It's simple to become a merchant. Follow the directions in this link:

What metrics do we track and report back to you?

We track all sorts of metrics. There are the soft metrics like website button clicks, in-app profile page visits, and more. Where it really gets interesting is when we track Claims and Redemptions. This is because we are able to help you capitalize on Power Customers of yours that are willing to go from Point A to Point B to claim a deal you offer. This is why our conversion rate is so strong between claims and redemptions. Traditionally coupon systems get about 2-4% redeemed, but we're getting well over 50% to convert, and this is because of users having a sense of pride about actually completing the task of claiming your deal - essentially they feel as if they have some "skin in the game". They went through the "hard work" to get your deal and now will be more inclined to use it.

Why is it advantageous to move your deal around town?

Our technology essentially gives your business the ability to be anywhere at any time. You may have a physical storefront located somewhere in town, that is static, and can't be moved. But when it comes to your business on Kick-it Points, the digital realm that our ecosystem is hosted in allows you to capitalize and move based on different local and seasonal trends. An example of a local trend is the local Farmers' Market that occurs every Thursday night from 6-9 PM. If you know that your target market will be attending this social activity, you can place your deal at that location. An example of a seasonal trend can be the nearby College Graduation Ceremony. If you know that you'd like to market your business to families and students that will be attending the ceremony, you can place your deal at the location of that ceremony to capitalize on that trend and target your ideal customers.

How many deals do I get on the map?

You get 2 deals that can be either the same or different offering, and they can be located wherever you want in town, outside of dangerous locations like the middle of the ocean or the side of a mountain. If you'd like more than 2 deals you can request more, but there are costs associated.

What if I'm an online business?

We also cater to online businesses, so long as they're local. The main difference between an online business and physical storefront business, with regards to Kick-it Points, has to do with how users redeem the deal being offered. With online businesses, the user redeems the deal themselves which reveals a promo code that they then use on the online businesses website. This is different from how physical storefront businesses redeem deals, because they do so by having their server/cashier click the redeem button on the users phone when they come in to redeem their deal.

What is Kick-it Points and how does it work?

Kick-it Points is a Real World Social app that encourages locals to engage in prosocial behavior. How it works is that we reward users with deals from local businesses when they engage in behaviors like hiking, going to the beach, attending the local Farmers' Market, and pretty much anything else that requires people to be social in the "real world".

Thus, as a merchant, you can locate your deal, which can be a discount on a product or service that you sell, at a location like a local beach, a nearby college campus, or even at the very location of your business. The caveat is that users can only get your deal if they physically go to those locations. Once there, they claim the deal, and saves it to their phone ready to be redeemed thereafter.

In order for the users to redeem this deal, they need only head over to your business and show their phone with the deal on it to one of your server/cashiers. Since there's no point of sale integration necessary with Kick-it Points, you only need to have your server/cashier click the redeem button on the users phone when they come in. Once you do so, the deal will disappear, as it's only able to be used once.

We'll be tracking all kinds of success metrics for you along the way and will report back to you monthly to help you optimize your campaigns.