We’re Making
Real World Social

The Kick-it Points app encourages users to be Real World
Social by pairing local business deals with nearby activities
and points of interest.

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Our Real World
Social Mission

At Kick-it Points, we believe that today’s popular social media platforms provide users with many advantages, but when it comes to real human connection, they seem to be lacking in depth. We’re constantly roped into becoming connected to everything to the point that we actually become connected to nothing at all.

This is why we create technology that serves as a tool for getting people together and incentivizing them to engage in the “natural highs” of life - like going to the beach with friends, hiking, attending farmers’ markets, and much more!

Kick-it With Our Team

Our Story Begins With Community

Our goal, is to take to users through a cycle of real world engagement that benefits every stakeholder in the community.

Users get deals and social activities, local businesses increase key performance metrics (exposure, foot traffic, and retention), and the city maximizes its dollars spent locally and augments the exposure of its local events and activities.

Happy, healthy, and thriving local communities are our metrics for success.

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The people who work at Kick-it Points are driven by the idea that the most organic form of social connection happens in the “Real World”.

Our motto of encouraging users to be Real World Social is not limited to going outside and engaging in physical activity. In fact, users can also earn deals for doing things like walking their dog, partaking in an at-home workout, volunteering at the local non-profit, and anything else that can be considered a “natural high”.

The byproduct of users getting Real World Social through
Kick-it Points is that they are also benefitting their local communities, both by claiming and redeeming deals from local businesses and by engaging in healthy behavior with other locals.

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