Be Real World Social
Get Deals For What
You Do.

The Kick-it Points app encourages users to be Real World Social by pairing local business deals with nearby activities and points of interest.

Anyone Can Kick-it!


Users get deals from local businesses when they engage in behaviors like hiking, going to the beach, and attending local farmers’ markets. They can even create their own Kick-it Locations and invite their friends to earn deals for participating with them!


Merchants geolocate their deals at any location around town in order to capitalize on local trends and activities, and only when users go to the Kick-it Point locations can they claim the deal. Following this, users can redeem the deal online or in-store.

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Kick-it Users


Search or Create deals paired with activities around town


Only once you go to the location of a deal in the real world will you be able to claim it


To redeem your deal, display it to the server or cashier and let them click the ‘Redeem’ button on your phone for you



Create deals and geolocate them at local events, activities, or points of interest in town


Get access to analytics about your deals and drive your decision making with data


Increase your exposure, foot traffic, and retention like never before

Merchants Improve
Key Metrics For Free!

The Kick-it Points Merchants Portal is designed to increase consumer interaction with local merchants, and to improve the quality of life for communities at large.

Kick-it Points enables local merchants to refocus their consumer engagement and discount-marketing endeavors towards encouraging target customers to get “Real World Social”.

In other words, consumers earn their deals by getting out and having good, healthy fun.

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Our Growing Ecosystem

Our new Merchant Dashboard allows Kick-it Points Merchants flexibility of where they place deals. Merchants can focus their customers’ attention on an activity, a local event, or a location–with just a few clicks!

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Thriving Local Communities Are
Our Metrics For Success

Our goal is to take to users through a cycle of real world engagement that benefits every stakeholder in the community.

Users get deals and social activities, local businesses increase key performance metrics (exposure, foot traffic, and retention), and the city maximizes its dollars spent locally and augments the exposure of its local events and activities.

Happy, healthy, and thriving local communities are our metrics for success.

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